Adventures of Fluffy

Hello to all, I am fluffy bunny, a girl on the go, socialite, and playful
blogger. I am truly the modern day Martha Stewart meets Playboy Bunny.

Happy Thanksgiving

On this day we give thanks to everyone in our lives that we love and cherish. We give thanks to our family, our friends, our loves of our lives and even our pets!! Happy Thanksgiving ! Enjoy a fluffaclious day !! Xoxo fluffy bunny...Read More

Simple Luxury Back Bay Boston Massachusetts I always love going for a long weekend to Boston before Thanksgiving. I somehow feel like this is my fall and since Im coming in from South Florida which you know is always pretty much 90 everyday this is a great change of season !! I have stayed a quite a few “fluffy” hotels in the city but I must admit one of my “Favs” is the Mandarin Oriental...Read More

Island Feeling

I wanted to share with you the most interesting eclectic sun and eyeglass store that I stopped by last week. It’s called Opitical Oasis and its located in Jupiter, FL. It’s  not your typical sunglass hut or eyeglass store. You walk in and the floor is made of soft white beach sand. The walls and the décor make you feel you are on an island that just happens to sell...Read More

Biltmore, Asheville, NC

Fall in love, create memories or just enjoy the spectacular fall foliage and forget all about being on a schedule!! The Biltmore is located in the hills of Asheville, North Carolina. This is a great weekend escape during the fall months. The grounds are bursting with color from the leaves on the trees. The inside of the estate is decorated heavily with mums celebrating the fall season. You can go...Read More

A Few of my weekend Halloween and Fall decorating favorites

Happy Halloween!!! Love Pork Chop This is Pork Chop, he is a very sweet dog! He lives for treats and attention but don’t we all!!! Ok, so I couldn’t resist the crazy little headband very fluffy!!   I love Peeps!! They are not just for Easter and this is a little treat I make and give out for my friends . Its pretty to look at and yummie! I love...Read More

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